Onyxrising (onyxrising) wrote,

'Twas one of those days at work. All the people I successfully stalked down were losers. By losers I mean guys who won't feed their own children without state garnishments for child support. Then again, there was the one who gave us his attourney's name and contact information, and said we had to go through him. The attourney promptly informed us that he no longer handled Mr. Z's affairs, as Mr. Z had declined to set up a payment plan for his legal fees.
I'm enjoying being in a game again, even though the first session's not 'till later this week. I have a habit of getting in games with STs and players who like obsessive detail, and then choosing a character who has skills I know nothing about. It gives me many happy hours of research.
I am about halfway through The Girl With the Pearl Earring. It has a wonderful immersive quality to it.

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