Onyxrising (onyxrising) wrote,

Remarkably enough, and unfiltered post

It feels weird to get emails from people back home these days. It feels like they come from another world entirely. Then again, coming down here was an interesting exercise in what name and habit do to identity. The student ID I was issued had a shiny new name on it, which I began using essentially as soon as I got off the plane. As soon as I was away from all of the old expectations and habits, most of them went away.
I definitely developed a new set of mannerisms. My penmanship took a few dramatic changes, but is largely the same. My style of dress has evolved several times. Thanks to the wonders of value village bargain shopping, I purchased an entirely new set of clothing just before coming down here, on the little bit I was making off after school jobs. I took nothing familiar to remind me of life before-- no posters from my bedrom wall back home, no photos of friends, etc.
It was really interesting to see how much of my behavioral patterns had been responsive to expectations back home. I'm glad the separation from my former life was that drastic. I decided to forget everything I knew about myself, and find out all over again. It gave me the chance to establish myself before pulling familiar elements back in. Yeah, it was awkward for a good long while, but it was worth it.
It does, however, make me curious as to what some of my friends would be like if they tried the same exercise for a few months. Then again, I can think of one or two friends whom I'm fairly sure have.
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