September 30th, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

(no subject)

So, Rhianna linked me to the isntructions for building your own Tivo. A real Tivo costs $150 (if you get a good mail in rebate) to $300. If you really want to go expensive you can spend $1000. And then there's the monthly membership fee of like $13. It seems you can build your own for, if you want to go really cheap, $50. With no monthly fee, of course.
And I also found several sets of instructions for making your own MP3 player. Damn,those things are marked up. One of such sites noted that it's difficult to find cases for them, and showed how to employ an altoids case for this purpose. I'm remembering the instructions on a steam punk website for acid-etching designs into an altoids case, from any old design your printer can put out. A brass box with an acid-etched image of some Victorian machination on it might make for a nifty mp3 player case.
Having grown up in Alaska, I'm still getting adjusted to this running water and electricity thing. I can't think, for the life of me, of what other consumer electronics I should be lusting after. What other lust-able ones are out there for me to try to find instructions on?
I keep having nightmares about being back in Alaska. Only someone's introduced penguins to the ecosystem. Having decided they don't like Alaskan fish, they've started going around in flocks pecking humans to death for their meat.