July 4th, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

(no subject)

So, occasionally I look through the bargain cookbooks at the mall bookstore. Usually cookbooks have very little new to teach me, and I'm not going to buy full price if all I really need is what's on pages 105 through 110.
Morbid curiosity, however, got me to look at Naughty Cakes which is every bit as tacky as you could imagine. There were a couple cakes which might be appropriate at a very kitschy coming out party. The rest... well, I can't think of anywhere it would ever be tasteful or appropriate to serve a cake shaped like a woman's buttocks in gold lame panties.
It did, however, have a formula I want to get for a sculpting paste. It was essentially a book on how to sculpt said paste into such things as pole-dancing strippers. Given that paste, I could do something actually tasteful. The author had one cake intended to be a naughty Greek God with a very sculpted body which actually gave me some ideas. There's a few scenes from classical mythology that could be done well with that stuff, and might actually look cool. Or a few designs from classical reliefs I could copy on the surface of a cake.
Which raises the question- where the hell do I get gum tragacanth?
Oh, and Lupa, I know I left that stuff at your place. Shall I pick it up this weekend when I do the salmon?