June 28th, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

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Interview today went better than Tuesdays, and I think I like the rival company better.
At the end one of the interviewers told me, "HR will call you by Tuesday to let you know if you got the job- but why don't I go ahead and give you the training manual."
I'm taking that as a sign that she, at least, really thinks I'd do well in the position.
At any rate, the company doesn't have that sketchy feeling a lot of cellphone dealerships have- rather very neat, clean shops. I listened to their salespeople handle some customer equipment issues while I was waiting, and they were obviously well trained- they knew how to fix it about as well as someone on the tech support line.
The one thing I worry about is some of the other applicants, who I also met. At least one is currently a retail sales manager.
Jareth "Bah"

I taunt you all with how well I eat

I was feeling depressed, for various state-of-the-world reasons, so I went to the kitchen. On tonight's menu, we have wasabi-ginger chicken, potatoes, and for dessert pears poached in ginger and cinnamon.
Tomorrow will bring asparagus soup.
Of course, there will be the usual round of hummus, white chocolate orange rolls, bread, and chocolate-orange truffles.
Jareth "Bah"

(no subject)

Oh, and the company I interviewed with today had a really nice benefits package as well. $15 copay medical insurance, $1000 recruitment bonus- and did I mention a $25/mo cellphone if you want it?
The list went on. Their hourly rate's more than decent, and has good commission on top of it.