June 6th, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

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Unemployment decided to fuck with me today, or at least an employee there did.
I tried to apply for my week of benefits, and got a notice that they'd stopped my benefits. It provided the customer service number. So I called it. It seems the computer lost my last week's application, so they're counting it as a week's break.
The employee, however, wanted to fuck with me. First she demanded that I verify the dates of my employers for the last two years, so that she could make sure it matched what I'd reported the first time- after all, they had to make sure I hadn't secretly been working in the past few days.
Then she demanded proof that I'd been looking for work.
"As we've told you, we can demand that at any time," she informed me. "And I'M asking for it now."
"I remember," I told her. "I've gotten written confirmation from several places I've applied at. I saved them for that reason. They have the dates on them, too."
She informed me that this was not real documentation. I asked her what documentation they needed, in that case. She refused to answer. Repeatedly. She finally gave me a set of requirements that I highly suspect were made up. (The hour I applied for a position? wtf?)
She then asked me where I'd been looking. I told her through temp agencies, but mostly Craigslist, the Oregonian classified ads, and the unemployment department's website. She informed me that applying for jobs online wasn't "really" applying, and so things I applied for online wouldn't count.
Afterwards, Sven pointed out that many government agencies have quotas for denials and the like. In some states, social service agents have quotas for the number of children they have to remove from their homes. The only explanation Sven or I can think of for her actions is that she probably has a quota of denials per week.

Edit: just checked the unemployment website. She was in fact asking for more information than I'm suppossed to have to provide to verify work searches.
Jareth "Bah"

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Oh, and to top it off, I got a notice from unemployment that I'm "invited" to a special mandatory worker reclamation workshop bright and early tomorrow morning. Love the fact that they use the term "reclamation".
I could see making me go to something if this wasn't my first time being unemployed, and if I hadn't been unemployed for less than 40 days even.