April 16th, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

(no subject)

I need to do taxes today. Once again, I put it off for the last minute.
Sushi with Lucian tonight.
I am perhaps more amused than I should be by the real reason white shirts glow in black light. It's not the fabric- it's the detergent. Our eyes can't see UV, but they do register it as more light. So if you make a detergent that sticks UV colored stuff on the fabric, the whites will look brighter. You know those detergents that claim to get your whites "whiter than white"? That's how they work.
And this amuses me, for I am a geek. I suppose that was already apparent given that I need more tee-shirts in my wardrobe (I only have two, and having a weekend and two casual days a week now means I need more) and decided to purchase all of the new wardrobeage at thinkgeek.com. The caffeine molecule tee-shirt and mug will be mine.