January 1st, 2007

Jareth "Bah"

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My apricots are acting like they're done with primary fermentation two weeks ahead of time- about half the time as is normal. However, I had them at a higher than standard temperature, which could explain it. I'm pondering whether to fortify them now, or wait.
I've started all the other liqueur batches, including a pumpkin one, for the express purpose of using up the leftover pumpkin in the freezer.
Being unsatisfied with the quality of vodka for the price available, given that vodka is the alcohol I'm using for fortification, I've been charcoal filtering my own. The results aren't half bad. They meet Sven's approval, and Sven's the second biggest vodka snob I've met, the first being my bartending instructor at Le Cordon Bleu.
Having run out of nonfiction reading material, my brain feels like it's rotting out my ears. I need new areas of study. Things that can be researched on the internet are preferable, but I hardly object to a trip to a bookshop. Suggestions are much appreiated. Sadly, forensic science is under represented on the internet.
I need to find somewhere that offers a distance study program for paralegal certifications that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, or scream degree mill in one look at the website. I need the mental exercise, and it'd probably put me a shoe in for a move to the legal department in a year, if not at this agency than at another.

Edit: Elderberry liqueur begun as well. I am pondering as to whether or not currant liqueur would be a good thing. Thoughts?
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Jareth "Bah"

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I must find out if there's sheet music to that peice.
My mother had me take classical piano from age seven, in her words so that I would be properly cultured later in life. It was a lesson, something I did like doing the science lesson at school. I only ever found one book of music that I actually enjoyed playing, and it was taken from me because my mother felt it was distracting me from practicing classical. Even so, they were some jazz and ragtime peices I liked more because they felt fun to play, rather than something moving within the music itself.
Tonight for the first time I heard piano played in a way that made me want to play it. The music was incredibly moving, although I understand it would be a disappointment to me if I could actually understand the lyrics. The piano track was amazing, and something I could actually play, given sheet music. I'm little good at playing by ear, so I don't think I'd be able to pick it out that way.
But I know it'll drive me mad until I get the sheet music.
I just never, ever should read the lyrics. It's part of a batch of black metal and symphonic metal Sven sent my way. The band in question, while otherwise a good band, went through a brief Satanic-to-piss-off-our-parents phase. This song is from that phase. It doesn't change the instrumentals, though.

Made the mistake of watching the music video. I am naturally annoyed with the lyrics and video.
I did, however, figure out the right hand's part. The left hand still eludes me.
I also can't figure out what setting the keyboardist in the video had it set to. I went through grand piano, various types of organ, etc. etc. and nothing sounds quite like it. Similar, but not quite. The setting ni the music video appears to have been the best, as well.